Omega 3 For Depression

When you hear about omega 3 for depression, you may be wondering if it is the same omega 3 fish oil that you know, of-course yes. Hard to believe? ...

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We live in a world, where we call ourselves ‘Modern’. Along with being modern, comes the price we pay for it.

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We live in a world, where we call ourselves ‘Modern’. Along with being modern, comes the price we pay for it.

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Omega 3 For Depression


Is Omega 3 the solution for depression as well?

Omega 3 fatty acids the good fat from which the body is of great health benefits. The fatty acids that our body does not produce and has to be consumed on a regular basis, the fatty acid that makes up most of our brain, the fatty acid that is known to help with several severe medical conditions like cancer, heart diseases, ADHD, asthma and arthritis, the fatty acid that is found in sea food like fishes and squid and in plant sources like walnuts, olive oil and broccoli,  called omega 3 can also help one overcome depression,

Let’s find out!

Omega 3 is made of three fats or nutrients. They are ALA, EPA and DHA. Omega 3 is like a miracle. It has endless benefits and is very essential for good health.

The world we live in today is fast and very complicated. There is no time to relax, no time to stop by and say hello. People are in a lot of stress, frustration and are extremely capable of going into depression. Relationships are complicated and most often this is the reason for depression.

From teenagers to old people depression has become a very common issue. What our world is going towards is a question mark.

All I can say is when on one side progress is taking place at a pace that might shock you and is unimaginable but at the same time on the other side more and more people are going into depression in today’s world.

I cannot exactly say what might be the reason behind a person’s depression but like all other deadly diseases depression can also be extremely dangerous. It can be shocking to learn how our mind can play dirty tricks on us. It is the cause of several suicides and murders today and depression is not something that should be ignored and taken lightly.

The DHA and EPA fats are very important as most of our brain is made up of it and greatly benefits from it. Without DHA and EPA a person can have bad memory, no proper focus or concentration, extreme confusion, depression and very severe mood swings. Serotonin in our brain is important for good mental health the absence of which can lead to depression.

Omega 3 fish oil helps you by stimulating the production of serotonin in the brain. This way one is successfully relieved of depression. The sad part is, like I have mentioned above, our body does not produce Omega 3 fatty acids.

Hence it is important for you and me to consume it regularly in the form of fish or fish oil supplementslike fish oil pills and tablets. Vegetarians and people allergic to fish can opt for the plant sources rich inOmega 3 fatty acids.

The researches and studies worldwide on fish oil and depression by medical and health experts have confirmed that people consuming fish oil or fish oil supplements on a regular or daily basis are not victims of severe depression and extreme mood swings.

Bipolar disorder is also somewhat related to depression and can be an extremely difficult condition to handle. The patients are very depressed and tend to exhibit very weird and difficult behavior. Fish oil tablets and supplement can also help with bipolar disorder.

With proper treatment and a regular intake of Omega 3 fatty acids one can successfully over come bipolar disorder.

Omega 3 deals with brain health and will help you come out of depression. DHA is the key here and hence it is important for you to check the content of DHA is the fish oil supplements that you purchase from stores both online and offline. If there is low levels of DHA in the supplement you are consuming it might be of absolutely no use.

Hence always check with your doctor before you can make a purchase and ensure that the fish oil supplement you buy is equal to that of pharmaceutical grade. Since fish oil is big in the medical field today and doctors worldwide are prescribing it to their patients there are so many rip offs who sell fake products of low quality just to make more money.

Consuming such fish oil tablets or fish oil pills might not help you with anything and would only result in stomach sickness and other side effects. This is not something you want. Your body and its health are very important and you cannot afford to take any risk. In an attempt to save some money do not buy something can be harmful to you.

The environment we live in today is extremely polluted. The air we breathe is polluted and so are our oceans and seas. This is very sad but true. Industrial waste contaminates most of our water bodies and due to this there are good chances that the fish we eat is also contaminated with bacteria or harmful elements like lead or mercury.

It is important for our fish source to be reliable. Eating fish on a regular basis to obtain Omega 3 might not be a great idea after all. Doctors today prefer to prescribe fish oil supplements which are safer. Fish oil supplements not only help you overcome depression and mental stress but also help with several other medical conditions.

It is good for your heart and in the long run help you rid of fatal heart diseases like heart attacks or strokes. Fish oil has anti inflammation properties and hence helps with so many skin conditions. Reddening of skin, rashes, acne, psoriasis, eczema and what not? It also has anti ageing properties and will help prevent the early onset of wrinkles.

It rejuvenates the skin from inside and helps one have healthy and very attractive skin. It is great for arthritis and also asthma. Both children and adults can consume fish oil. After knowing all the benefits and goodness of fish oil it is not easy to keep it away from our daily diet. Is it? No!